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I really haven't updated here or on my non-LJ blog. It's been tough trying to gather my thoughts together. Maybe I should just try to take it one step at a time.


Bliss Stage Pilot character quiz
fate, rin

"I'm an Eager Young Soldier!"

"You don't need to worry about me. Those aliens won't stand a chance. Bring'em on!"

Personality:As an Eager Young Soldier, you're still a novice ANIMa pilot, but excited to do your part in the war. You difficult history has toughened you and your fascination with violence drives you, but your determination has yet to be tested in a real war. Your heart is filled with anger and passion.

Advice: Relax. Regardless of what's happened to you in the past, don't be so afraid of being hurt that you don't make new friends. You've got a wealth of experience and knowledge, but that's all wasted if you don't share it with the people who need it. If you open up to the world just a little bit, who knows what might happen?

Which Bliss Stage Pilot are you?
Bliss Stage

Pre-ordered two copies of Bliss Stage. It's totally whacked, but it's so awesome I'm getting one for Rich and me.

If only I could dance that good.
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Dunno if anybody is interested...
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Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

Send an email to: techiet a~t gmail dot com

Brian, teaching? Madness.
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The one thing I'd hate doing as a profession is what I'm going to start doing as the school year ends at the "OFFICIAL" anime club @ Century.

Thought pattern:
  • Club has never been official until this year. (When I stopped bitching about not being an official club and actually DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Thanks guys, love the support.)
  • Unofficially, all we ever did was grab a room, watched an episode and goofed off the reminder of the time before 4.
  • We're official now. We can actually DO things. Like, actually talk about what we're watching.
  • If we continue just watching anime and nothing else, there wouldn't be much of a point of actually being a club, is there?
  • Brian apparently learns about stuff tying into anime when he's goofing off and not doing anything school-related regardless of importance to his academic success. Shocking, really.
  • Club just needs more activity period.
  • I hear people don't just randomly surf the internet and start discovering things on their own unless they get prodded into clicking links that are given to them by a geeky friend of theirs.
  • Brian just wants attention. As usual.

May Approach
fate, rin

May is drawing ever so closer. Time for me to get me a website! Whole crew is invited.
Dunno what I have planned other though. Once I get my paychecks cashed in; I'll sign-up for two years of hosting. Hopefully Addie and I can find a time both of us are on and toss some ideas back and forth. I'll probably need Eddie too since I'm a hopeless n00b. Should have enough hosting for anyone who knows me. :3

...maybe I'll get TroupeOfFate.com back? /me shrugs

    Some other things:
  • Teen group at church is taking a more energetic turn. Looks promising.
  • Dominican Republic missions trip is go. Still need to talk to Johann at his church before I go.
  • Guess I'm on board for Vacation Bible School this summer. Roman soldier, I suppose.
  • Still need to get my parents' to sign me up for Summer School. Hopefully the D.R. trip doesn't mess that up. I don't have enough credits. T_T;
  • Not enough people joining the Thursday anime club, so I'm giving away Hayate the Combat Butler volumes 1-3. Needed a fresher copy of the first two volumes due to me loaning them out anyways.
  • Combat Butlers are in this year. Suicidal heavily-armed bird-riding guild leaders are out.
  • People still go to the Wednesday anime club regardless of legitimacy. I don't want to see the group get in trouble, but show up on Thursday's and save some hassle, kplz.
  • In further attempts of making my presence known throughout the interwebs, I now have a Facebook. In addition to MySpace and Twitter, I have officially been sucked into the social networking machine. ...I'm thinking it started with LiveJournal, actually. D: Don't ask me what they are, as I will adamantly deny their existence. I had something to say here, but I forgot. Wait...
  • Twitter is win; it actually makes GTalk somewhat useful for things other than Gmail notification. I hear it does instant messaging too? Freaky.


Cent has been taken in by Lucky Star. HaruhiGod have mercy on his soul.
Speaking of which, I love how everyone just disappeared after FateRO2 died. No wait, that's just me. :3

P.S. Headin' back to mah roots. Pokemon Diamond, of course. Too bad there's no Evo Board D:

Troupe of Fate - The Musical?! (Oh, live action movie too)
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And TV drama. Can't forget those.

Live action movie includes me in drag. (If you're a freak and like those kinda things.)

Ooh and the merchandise.

Darth Peco not included. Dead Brian is though.

Troupe of Fate - The Anime!
fate, rin

ROCHESTER, MN, April 1, 2007 - Troupe of Fate Founder/Guild Leader BrianTT confirmed today the anime adaptation of his guild to be titled, “Troupe of Fate – Luck’s Path.” The title is set to be released December 2007. No word yet on the animation team.


This is the story of one young boy who found himself chosen to be a leader of a group chosen by fate…

The world is Rune-Midgard, a world ever closely headed to destruction known as Ragnarok. Chaos ensues in a world where even the gods are mortal. The Troupe of Fate, a band of friends who meet under vastly different circumstances, and their leader, being the youngest one of them all.

“This is going to be the most exciting way to end the year,” said BrianTT, leader of the Troupe of Fate. “Even your grandkids will be talking about this one.”

About Troupe of Fate, Inc.

Troupe of Fate, Inc. was started by a group of friends meeting online in popular MMORPG game, Ragnarok Online in 2005. It was only until guild leader BrianTT that the guild became a company. It is now synonymous with anime, manga, video games, and even a visual novel game is said to be in the works.  BrianTT’s latest work published under Troupe of Fate Publishing is Of Bunny Girls and God, published early January of this year.

Troupe of Fate - The Return?
fate, rin
Something's happening.

Soon. (I plan on it, but when has anything gone my way?) Maybe in a month or two?

Something tangible. Perhaps even t-shirts. Or a nice piece of artwork. Not sure yet (And definitely much more than owning a domain name :P ) Look forward to it.

Not that it matters too much to anyone in particular other than myself, but there'll be goodies for everyone whose been important to what's been going on since...wow, the Evo Board days? :3 (Though I can't bake anything worth eating. Unless a brick is fine. No taiyaki, pocky, or ramune drinks, either.)

I hope my ideas can encompass everything I've been involved in for...these past few years? It'd be a shame for everything that I've been involved with go to waste. Really. Just think of it as a birthday present. A very long overdue, slightly damaged during shipping, kind of birthday present.

fate, rin
When I meant HARUHI WOULD CONVERT people to Haruhi-ism, I didn't mean making a freaking MySpace page. WHAT THE HELL. GOD DOES NOT make a MySpace account, or is that the only way to communicate with the masses these days?

ONE MUST WONDER the prefrence of making a MYSPACE PAGE over actually DESIGNING A WEBPAGE. (Especially since MySpace's layout is crappy as hell. Let alone the fact that most people make their pages as ugly as they can.)

I have been forced to make a MySpace page, but I do not ENJOY THAT FACT. THE R1 RELEASE OF HARUHI has been decided by the PEOPLE AT KADOKAWA USA to be subbed by the PEOPLE AT BANDAI. WHILE THEIR CAMPAIGN of generating interest FOR HARUHI HAS WORKED, I do not approve of starting a MYSPACE ACCOUNT FOR HARUHI.

Has it come to past that EVERY MAJOR ORGANIZATION when needing to promote a product has to make A MYSPACE ACCOUNT? THE FACT THAT I have finally broken down and have registered to MySpace makes me wonder if there is SOME CONSPIRACY GOING ON.



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